Join us for the Largest Membership NFT Mint in History

100,000 MOD Memberships

0.1 ETH Each


Jan. 1st
End: Before Jan 31st
How much: 0.1ETH
How many: ? NFTs

What Is MOD?

MOD is a custom builder and marketplace for 3D wearables and accessories in the MetaVerse.

MOD members will be able to create custom wearables and accessories such as coats, shoes, purses, jewelry, and more without ever needing 3D design skills.

Wearables published in MOD Studio are then minted on blockchain to be worn in AR/VR filters or in the MetaVerse, or sold in the the MOD Marketplace.

How Does MOD Work?

Use MOD Studio to mint custom wearables in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Select the MetaVerse or AR platform you would like to create a wearable or accessory for.

Step 2

Choose the wearable or accessory that you would like to modify.

Step 3

Modify your item to your own personal style using the MOD Studio editor.

Step 4

Publish your new custom MOD so that you can show it off in the virtual world or sell it for profit in the MOD Marketplace.

What Can I Do With My MOD Creations?

Wear it in the MetaVerse

Create your MOD to wear in a MetaVerse game or platform such as Horizon World, Decetraland, Sandbox and more.

Wear it Using AR Filters

Port your MOD into an AR filter to be used in smartphone apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Sell it for Profit

Whether you're a fashion designer, hobbyist or business, you can use MOD Studio to create custom 3D Wearables to sell on the MOD Marketplace.

Create for a Cause

Play a role in helping others by creating for a cause. Work with organizations and non-profits to create wearables that benefit them by spreading awareness and raising funds.

MOD Membership NFT Benefits

Each MOD Memberships gives you the following benefits:
- Create your own wearables and accessories in the MOD Studio.
- Sell your MOD wearables on the MOD Marketplace or any third party NFT marketplace.
- Receive daily deposits of $MOD tokens delivered to your wallet (used for platform fees or passive income).
- Stake your $MOD tokens to unlock advanced functionality and earning opportunities.
- Earn profits by renting out your MOD Membership to others who want to use MOD Studio but don't have a membership.
- Win ETH, NFTs, and more in our exclusive members only giveaways and competitions.
- Sponsor or partner up with artists to use your MOD Membership for creating wearables to sell and split profits.
- Access to the MOD Members only rewards program.

There is no limit to how many MOD Memberships that you can own, so each additional one you purchase will multiply your benefits.

MOD "Genesis" Membership Specific Benefits

Getting one of these first 100,000 "Genesis" membership NFT's locks you in as MOD Studio founding member. Genesis memberships come with extra perks and benefits that regular future memberships will not. Below are just a few benefits, and we will reveal many more as we roll out our roadmap.- Save over 50% now because the price will double the next round.

- Alpha access to the platform and all upcoming features and functionality
- Early access to exclusive collections and collaborations
- 50% of future MOD Membership NFTs will go directly to the 100,000 Genesis owners to sell or hold for themselves.
- Only Genesis owners will be able to rent out their MOD Membership NFTs.
- Genesis owners will receive more daily $MOD tokens than regular members who join later.
-Exclusive Discord channels only for Genesis holders.
- More benefits revealed soon.


It Pays to Own More Than 1 MOD Membership
Bronze Tier
1 Membership
-Standard Genesis Benefits
Silver Tier
2-4 Memberships
-All of Bronze Tier
-Ability to "Rent" out your membership
Gold Tier
5-9 Memberships
-All of Silver Tier
-20% more daily Tokens
- Reduce platform utility fees
Platinum Tier
10+ Memberships
-All of Gold Tier
- 40% more daily Tokens
- Reduce platform utility fees
- Additional DAO voting rights

MOD Tokenomics

The $MOD Token is the utility token that runs the Mod Studio ecosystem. It is used for platform interactions, creating wearables, unlocking premium content, upgrades and more.

How Do You Get $MOD Tokens?

‍There are two primary ways of earning $MOD.  The first is by owning a MOD membership NFT. Each day you hold your MOD Membership NFT, you earn $MOD Tokens. The amount you earn depends on your MOD Tier and the rarity of your membership NFT (some earn more than others).  The second primary way of earning $MOD is through interacting with and using the MOD Studio platform.

There are various rewards and incentives built into the platform.

Use $MOD to:
- Use $MOD to pay platform fees and create wearable NFT.
- Buy and sell in the MOD Marketplace.
- Unlock access to premium MOD features such celebrity collections and more.
- Stake $MOD for even more benefits and governance opportunities.
- Transfer $MOD tokens to your wallet and take to other platforms.
- More benefits and utility coming.

$1,000,000 in Prizes

To show you our appreciation of your support, we're giving away $1,000,000 in prizes.

Drop MOD Membership NFT

On January 1st we will release 100,000 Membership NFTs giving access to MOD Studio, along with other benefits.

These 100,000 MOD Membership NFT owners will be the first to know about celebrity and influencer collaborations, and will have exclusive access to buying, selling, and promoting campaigns far ahead of anyone else who joins later.

1st, 2022


50 people win $5,000 in ETH**

When we reach 10,000 Membership NFTs sold, we'll give away $250,000 in ETH to 50 random MOD Members.

The more MOD Membership NFTs you own, the more chance you have to win; grab 5 or more for the best chance to get a prize.

25 People win $10,000 NFTs**

When we reach 25,000 Membership NFTs sold, we'll give away $250,000 in NFTs split among 25 random MOD members.

The more MOD Membership NFTs you own, the more chance you have to win; grab 5 or more for the best chance to get a prize.



Tesla Model X to 2 Winners + $5k to 10 Winners**

When we reach 50,000 Membership NFTs sold, we'll give away a Tesla Model X to 2 random MOD members and $5k in ETH to 10 more winners.

The more MOD Membership NFTs you own, the more chance you have to win; grab 5 or more for the best chance to get a prize.

Lamborghini Huracan to 1 Winner + $10k to 10 Winners**

When we sell out our 100,000 Membership NFTs, 1 random MOD members will win the Grand Prize Lamborghini Huracan. We'll also give 10 other random MOD members $10,000 in ETH.

The more MOD Membership NFTs you own, the more chance you have to win; grab 5 or more for the best chance to get a prize.


**You can only win a prize one time. You can win both a Cash or NFT prize and also a car prize, but you cannot win a cash and NFT prize or two car prizes. If you win a car, tax and shipping will be paid by MOD. If the winner of a car prize lives outside the US, the prize may be replaced with a cash prize of equal value.

Roll Out


Release $MOD Token

We are scheduled to release $MOD token to our community of MOD Members starting in mid-January. But don't wait, each day you own a MOD Membership NFT you will accumulate $MOD token, even before we release them. So get in now and start stacking up your MOD.

Release MOD Studio and Marketplace

We plan to release MOD Studio and Marketplace during Q1 of 2022. MOD Studio is complete with hundreds of 3D wearables to choose from to customize. Choose between colors, patterns, materials, and more to fully MOD your Wearables and Accessories.


The MOD Team

The Founding Team

Tanner Larsson

Ecommerce Extraordinaire, Business Growth Strategist, Investor.

Robert Nava

Entrepreneur, Business Growth Strategist, Investor.

Isaac Martinez

3D Artist, Creator, and Design Team Builder

Amanda Pope

Marketing Technology, Team Manager

The Dev Team

Kaleb Phillips

Blockchain at

Will Perkins

Blockchain at

Suraj Pai

Blockchain at

The Design Team

Ibrahim K. Emon

3D fashion consultant & Technologist

Anna K. Bakulina

3D Fashion Designer and Animator

Alexander Dmitryevic

3D Fashion Designer and Animator

David Guzman Moreno

Fashion Designer and 3D Artist

Want to Join US?

We're still looking for talented fashion designers and artists, contact us with your portfolio to be considered.


Jamie Ohler

Business Growth Consultant, Network Marketer

Ricky Mataka

Print on Demand Founder, Business Growth Expert, Network Marketer

Sean Kelly

Fashion Brand Founder, Network Marketer, Influencer

Want to Join US?

We're still looking for partners to join us in growing the MOD community. If you have ideas on how to you can help, reach out to us with your ideas and we'll consider.


  • Q: How much does it cost to mint a MOD Membership NFT?
    A: Mint cost will be 0.1ETH.
  • Q: How many MOD Membership NFTs will be available?
    There will be 100,000 MOD Membership NFTs during this drop.
  • Q: What can I do with my MOD Membership NFT?
    Sell your MOD Membership or use it to gain access to MOD Studio where you can create custom wearables to be worn or sold in the metaverse.
  • Q: How can I be a MOD Affiliate so I can get paid to promote?
    Create your affiliate link and start promoting. We'll pay you directly to your ETH wallet as soon as people mint a membership through your link.
  • Q: When can I start using MOD Studio?
    We expect to release V1 of MOD Studio shortly after we close membership sales.